Should Gallas Remain Captain?

Harry Redknapp has revealed William Gallas could keep the club captaincy following the memorable win over Arsenal at the weekend.

Gallas, a summer arrival, following his departure from the Arsenal, led the team as captain as we fought back from two goals down to snatch a 3-2 victory at the Emirates. And Redknapp said:

“I made William captain because he would be coming back to Arsenal and it was a good gesture.

“I thought he deserved it the way he’s played and, to be fair, little Luka Modric is captain sometimes but he is quiet and doesn’t say much.

“William led by example. He responded well. I’ll look at sticking with him as captain, especially after this win.

“William has come in and done a good job for us. He came on a free, on half his wages at Arsenal, and he’s shown some character to do that.

“There was no way he was going to go ‘I can’t go to Spurs, I’ve played for Arsenal’. He’s a footballer, he’s played at Chelsea, Arsenal and now Spurs. There is nothing wrong in that.”

So do you think Gallas’ performance was enough to warrant him keeping the captaincy or is it too soon and does he need to prove himself more?

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  1. It looks like this got lost in cyberspace!!!! posted on 1-12-10. But to justify the article being posted, here is my answer, Give it back to DAWS.

  2. YES … He should!!! After the game against the arse, JJenas, paying tribute to Harry’s decision to make Gallas captain, said: “he was in my ear all the time, helping me play in a position that wasn’t natural to me.” Now, if you’re like me, and you like reading between the lines, under normal circumstances, it may be deemed an act of disrespect, by JJ, to applaud Gallas, a newcomer, so loudly, given Ledley King and Dawson. Put another way, King and Dawson (who’re probably mates with JJ) may have been peeved by JJ’s generous comments about a newcomer, who had only played a handful of games. But, JJ felt compelled to applaud him as he did.

    The one thing I feel certain about Harry is that he hasn’t got the baggage most of us fans have about a former arse playing for, or captaing, us. None of that kind of sentimentality for Harry so, when everyone’s fully fit, I know Harry will make the best decision; my money is on Gallas. His influence on JJ was probably what helped, in the end, to shackle Fabregas that day, Otherwise, JJ, as we all know he’s capable of, could have gone missing. That’s what a captain, worth the band, is supposed to do. That’s why I back Gallas. He’ll only probably be there for another season and the rest of this one. In that time, Daws can learn from playing alongside, and step into the role just at the right age, too.

  3. [quote=Howie
    Posted December 29, 2010 at 7:18 PM

    YES … He should!!! [/quote]

    I’m inclined to agree there Howie, after all it’s not like he did a “Scum Campbell” or anything like that. The Arse-Anals didn’t want him, we took him on a free & like mentioned, on half the wages the Scum we’re offering, (Not often heard off in modern day football!) And since he’s regained some match fitness has busted a nut every time he’s put on the Lilly-white shirt. I know Daws has done alright, NO, exceptional in that role whilst the King has been getting his knees massaged back to full fitness. But IMO, Gallas has that little bit extra, like experience, both domestically & in Europe, in our forth coming big games.
    Give him the responsibility as i’m sure he’ll thrive on the opportunity, imagine, Won honors with Chelski, Won honors with the Arse-Anals & now a realistic possibility to win more honors with us, sounds to me like a history making achievement if given the opportunity to pull it off. And like you stated:
    “He’ll only probably be there for another season and the rest of this one. In that time, Daws can learn from playing alongside, and step into the role just at the right age, too.”
    By that time we could have had an additional of both, Domestic and/or European Silverware cluttering up ye olde trophy cabinet down at teh “New White Hot Lane”

    “To Dare Is To Do”


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