Real Madrid v Spurs in Champions League Quarter Final

Tottenham face a trip to the Bernabeu for the first leg on April 5 with Jose Mourinho bringing his Real Madrid side to White Hart Lane for the second leg on April 13.

Should Tottenham progress to the semi-final they will face either Barcelona or Shakhtar Donetsk

Full Draw

Real Madrid v Tottenham
Chelsea v Man Utd
Barcelona v FC Shakhtar Donetsk
Inter Milan v Schalke

Inter Milan/Schalke v Chelsea/Manchester United
Real Madrid/Tottenham v Barcelona/FC Shakhtar Donesk

9 thoughts on “Real Madrid v Spurs in Champions League Quarter Final

  1. COME ON U TOTTENHAM. Lets go dare and Buss’em up and bring back Diarra and Marcelo to White heart lane to play for us lol.

  2. Nothing to panic about. We just need to take precautions of not repeating ourselves during our first leg visit against Inter. We cannot afford to go far too behind to make things more difficult during the 2nd leg. Rest assured that Bale will be tightly marked & we need to do the same against their strikers.

  3. These will probably be the most attractive matches, as both teams play offensive football. But let’s be objective and recognize that Madrid has the stronger squad by far, and that Spur’s possibilities are slim… really slim…

  4. bale can play almost as good as Ronaldo, make use of him and tighten the defense…. go for it tottenham, YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES1

    1. There’s no way bale can play as good as ronaldo…do you even watch football uniq? if you are a tottenham fan, be guaranteed of defeat. Madrid are far much better than tottenham.

  5. I can’t understand the doubters of Spurs’ ability to win this tie – Spurs ALWAYS win in a cup in the first year of a decade and the only one left for them this time is the Champions League = QED! The fact that “We” have to beat both Real and Barcelona just makes the achievement more laudable. Most Spurs Defamers didn’t give Harry and the lads a ghost of a chance to get this far and as for beating Milan at the San Siro…well you’d have thought Harry would need to walk on water…Oh ye of little faith!

  6. Definitely, mourinho end up the final fate of the game at bernabeu, hope will defeat spurs by 3 to 0.

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