Holtby Departure Highlights Frustration of our Transfer Policy.


Rumours surfacing in the newspapers that Lewis Holtby is seeking a return to German football should greatly aggrieve Tottenham fans who want to see more of the exciting young midfielder at White Hart Lane.

Reports in the Independent, Mirror, and on some football betting websites this week have all suggested the 23-year-old is ready to join up with former club, Schalke, as he targets regular football to push into the Germany national side.

It is not a bad argument from that standpoint – regular football is the most important thing at this stage of his career. Since moving to Spurs, Holtby has scored three goals from 38 games, one in the Premier League.

His £2m price from Schalke was a steal last January and, at the time, the live football commentary hinted that plenty of other Premier League clubs wanted him. Holtby has shown the attacking nous required at White Hart Lane but has sadly seen his chances of full games drop since the arrival of Christian Eriksen and Paulinho.

There is clearly no room for him to grow and so rather than begrudge his (would be) departure, we should commend him for wanting to get the most out of his career.

What we should instead condemn is the transfer policy that allowed ex-boss Andre Villas-Boas the power to go out and sign players ahead of Holtby, rather than giving the new signing a chance.

AVB trusted him in the latter part of last season but it became clear over the summer, as the manager looked to replace Gareth Bale with eight players, those already in the squad would struggle to get a look in.

What is the point of bringing new players in if, six months down the line, you cast them on the rubbish dump? Holtby has not played since Boxing Day and is yet to complete a Premier League game this season.

Unfortunately, it seems this is the plan AVB – and now most probably Tim Sherwood – had for the German. He was so cheap that all he is good for is being a decent reserve for the midfielders and that’s all he’ll stay if he remains at Tottenham.

6 thoughts on “Holtby Departure Highlights Frustration of our Transfer Policy.

  1. This article is based on AVB’s purchase of players.I am sorry but I do not believe that AVB had any choice in any purchases and that Levy and then Baldini made the choices but let AVB carry the can.Holtby is a good squad player and should be kept for Europe.i can see Chadli capoue and even Dembele leaving in summer and if we do not make top 5 more will go.

  2. My issue with this constant merry go round of players in and out is that the club stated that the reasons we go for a Director of Football is to ensure continuity.
    Clearly that can only work if the director of football chooses the players HE wants and not the manager. Hence our constant chopping and changing of managers they all dont get to pick their own players!! If Baldini feels that Holtby is not right for us then he will get shot but that would be admitting he was wrong. For me he is the type of player that spurs fans love. Plays with a lot of heart, has high energy and can only improve in my opinion

  3. New Tottenham manager just start working and making huge mistake to selling good players. He only coupe of games in charge. I Thing he will give problem to team in the future.

  4. This deal has Levy written all over it. 2 million was an absolute bargain for a player of Holtbys calibre. He will now no doubt be sold for a handsome profit, great business but doesn’t help if you are trying to build a winning squad/team which of course is not high on Levys agenda. To Levy, Lewis is just another investment opportunity.

  5. Fair play to the review, and the game itlsef. Both sides had their chances and to be honest I think a win for Chelsea was fair- although 4-2 may have put a little gloss on it. Juan Mata and Edin Hazard are quality players and that shone through.It would be interesting to see what would/could happen if both sides play with their first strength 11- I think Cahill is a far more capable and agile player than Terry even if Terry seems to be first choice. our weak links at the back today Gallas (error prone) and Kyle Walker (seems to switch off and do stupid things regularly this season. Hopefully at CB partnership of Vertonghen and Kaboul when fit, with BAE back at Left back will prove more solid. A lot of Spurs’ success last season was from the left with BAE and Bale so to be missing both Bale especially meant a change in formation that didn’t really work until the second half.Fair play to Chelsea, some good football all round Mata could have had a hat-trick and Torres should have finished with that curler, but Spurs were always in the game. Hopefully it’ll be both of us in the top 4 come the end of the season, with Arse**l down in 7th

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