Leipzig, Lloris and a great two days spent with friends.

Leipzig: Good evening or day, to all. I’ve just come back from my trip to East Germany, even though it wasn’t a good result (predictable, but still bad) we had a good two days there. In my blog/ article, I’ve gone over the events and look forward, to the future (whether that be immediate future or somewhere in the long-distance). Oh, and the alcohol… alcohol and… All the best, Glenn.

Below are a few paragraphs of my blog

RB Leipzig 3 Spurs 0 (4.0 agg)

This result didn’t surprise me, nor surprised any other Tottenham supporters I met on the day of that match. Those that went out went out intending to have a good two days (or longer in some cases) in Leipzig, irrespective of the result.

The night before I stayed in Goodmayes, got up at 4 am. Drove to Stanstead, parked-up in the Orange Zone (nearer to the Airport), got something to eat and waited for the others to turn up (flight was leaving at 9.30). Terry was first to arrive, followed by Mel. Terry and I made our way to the airport bar, and he had some drinks (alcohol) and something to eat; I didn’t. I knew we were going to have a meal and drinks later, and I wanted to be in a fit state to enjoy myself (whether I was in a fit state after our lunch and drinks is another story). After that, we made our way to the airport lounge with other supporters and then got on the plane. Some supporters were wearing face masks (because of the virus). After an hour and a half being cramped in like sardines, we finally arrived on German soil.

Once there – we went with Sports Options – we went straight through security and passport control and then onto our awaiting coaches (three). From there to Charly’s hotel where we booked in. Later, Mel, Terry and I decided to walk into the Market Square (where all the Spurs fans congregated). After about 15 minutes of walking, Mel checked his phone and realised we were walking in the wrong direction, so we turned around and back the other way, that was 30 minutes the other way.

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