Don Scully, along with myself (Glenn) write about the adventures of Tottenham Hotspur FC and produce our thoughts in our blog.  This latest article comes from Don Scully, and he has just come back from Germany and written about his adventures over there, the match (Leipzig), Daniel Levy’s investments or not, how he sees things and has the coronavirus helped us turn a corner? Best Regards, Glenn

Below is an extract of his blog:

The Leipzig game; has lady luck finally turned in our direction?


Sorry, I didn’t produce an article for the Burnley game, this was because I had to fly out to Germany the next day and was on my toes ever since.  I’ve only just got back; it wasn’t easy with all this virus around. Planes delayed or cancelled, it was a nightmare.


The  Burnley game was predictable, even though the second half we pulled our socks up. Including the Leipzig game, we haven’t won a game in six attempts now. And I can’t see us winning a game any day soon, as we’ve got a tough run-in. The only thing that will save us will be luck.


We’ve got United, the Spammers, Sheffield United, Everton, Bournemouth, the Arsewipes, Newcastle, Leicester and Palace to play. They will all be up for it. They are going to think “easy pickings”. Which will mean we will struggle to get a Europa League place, so forget about the Champions League.


Who do I blame? A couple of years ago we were above Liverpool (as the best team), they invested, we kept our same squad. They are now on the fresh hold of winning the Premier League; before that inauguration, they managed to pick up the Super Cup and Champions League Trophy. All under Klopp, we, on the other hand, have won bugger all and probably will be lucky to make midtable.


Mourinho inherited a dysfunctional team. We’ve got four of our leading players out, he had no chance. Some question his team selection, but he tried to make the best of a bad job.

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