Good day to all. I’ve produced my latest article/ blog, and in these depressing times, it isn’t easy. Our lives have revolved around our club. And even though we have each other – true Yids – to keep us sane and on the straight and narrow, we are still having withdrawal symptoms. I don’t know about you, but I feel something is missing in our lives. Not only have they cut us off from what makes us whole, but the virus has dug even deeper than that. Our families, loved ones and friends are all troubled. We are all suffering in different ways. I can’t visit my mum – in Lowestoft – as she has terminal cancer; in case I have the virus and unknowingly pass it on to her. But we must continue. United as Spurs supporters we stand, individually we could fall into the abyss. You/ we are not alone. Best Regards, Glenn.

Below is an extract of my blog/ article:

What boring and depressing times… no Tottenham.

First, they cancel football until 4th April, but that wasn’t enough, so they change that date to 30th April. And to be honest, I can’t see that date being kept either. But it has probably done us a significant favour. With four leading players out, by my reckoning, we would have sunk even further down the table if the season had continued. Now we have a new lease of life.

Our problems started to decline last season. A run-up to the end of that season saw us deteriorate and lose matches. Fortunately for us, we had won enough to get us into the top four. We were blessed to get to the final (as the other top European clubs fell by the roadside). Damaging selection and poor judgement did us in though. Sadly, Pochettino continued where we left off the following season (that is this season); thus Levy was forced to sack him. Mourinho started well, but then he was unfortunate to be hit with injuries. Over time he lost four of his leading players. A few questionable purchases didn’t help matters either.

I don’t blame Mourinho for our current decline, even though some do; however, he needs another season with a new set of players to be tested; then we can evaluate the situation.

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What boring and depressing times… no Tottenham.