Tottenham and supercomputers.

Hi all, I hope everybody is keeping safe and are well? Don Scully has just written about Spurs, Supercomputers and Predictions and how certain football computers seem to be doing us down. And they aren’t taking into consideration how the virus has changed the landscape either (those injured, getting better). With the success of my article on the semi-final of the FA Cup (1991), I have written a follow up on my experience of the Final of that year. That should be with you before the weekend. Be safe, and best regards, Glenn.
extracts from Don Scully’s latest article is below:

Tottenham and supercomputers.

By Don Scully

A supercomputer has predicted that Manchester United will leapfrog Chelsea in the Premier League table and finish in the top four. Tottenham will finish 7th.

The top nine will look something like this, according to the computer.

1stLiverpool, 2nd City, 3rd  Leicester, 4th United, 5th Chelsea, 6th Wolves, us in 7th, followed by Sheffield United and Ars*nal.

Now, I have no problems with Ars*nal being in 9th (actually, I do; I would prefer them even further down, or fighting relegation… but we can’t have everything).

At the moment the league table is as follows; when it had stopped for the virus break.

1.      Liverpool
2.      City
3.      Leicester City
4.      The Rent boys
5.      United
6.      Wolves
7.      Sheffield United
8.      Us
9.      The Woolwich thieves.

Now, going back to the prediction league. If we had continued, without no interference from the virus, I would have said we would have finished midtable. We were diabolical. Four leading players out, there was no way we could challenge for a European place, whether that be Champions League or Europa-Thursday-nights. But the virus came to our rescue.[/quote]

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