Harry Kane, Levy and transfers

Harry Kane, Levy and transfers

There has been a lot of speculation in the press of Kane being sold for approximately £200 million. More so if this lockdown damages the club financially. However, Tottenham have issued a statement saying that “They have no intention of letting striker Harry Kane leave the club this summer and would not sell to a domestic rival.”

What pops out is “this Summer” and not to “a domestic rival”. It would seem that the thought of selling him abroad is at the back of their minds.

Kane, 26, signed a six-year contract with Spurs in June 2018. However, last month, he said he would not stay at the north London club “just for the sake of it”, and there are reports chairman Daniel Levy would be open to selling him for about £200m. And I believe he would to either save his project (the stadium; because of the shut down) or to help pay off the stadium. Daniel Levy has never fully engaged in trying to lift the club – transfer wise – to the level of the top clubs in the world.

Manchester United are long-time admirers of Harry Kane and would jump at the chance of signing him.

As we all know, we were one of the first Premier League clubs to furlough staff in response to the coronavirus pandemic, with Levy warning that “people need to wake up to the enormity” of the crisis. But not Lewis, Levy, himself, and the players, who continue to draw a reasonable wage (weather slightly cut or not).

As I hinted above, there are suggestions that because of financial worries, Levy would sanction Kane’s sale if the fee was in the region of the world record £200m Paris St-Germain paid Barcelona to sign Brazil forward Neymar in 2017. Money is more important than glory if push became shove for Levy.

But saying all that, there is indecision over the summer transfer market given the immediate shutdown of football across Europe, with all the major clubs facing a financial headache. One pundit has suggested that any club that furloughs their staff should be automatically banned from the transfer window. I have an open mind on this one. Whatever way you look it, and knowing Daniel Levy, the team will suffer the most (transfer wise).

By Glenn Renshaw