Daniel Levy backtracks over furloughing by Don Scully

Hi all, this latest blog/ article is by Don Scully. He looks at Daniel Levy and his reversal on furloughing his staff. What other areas will suffer because he has to pay now those that have been laid off (temporarily) with full wages? I have written another article on the classic games I’ve been to and should be out shortly. Stay safe, and look after yourselves—best regards, Glenn. Thanks you

Extracts from Don Scully’s article below

Daniel Levy backtracks over furloughing.

By Don Scully

After pressure from Tottenham fans, the Tottenham Trust and the press Daniel Levy capitulates.

Daniel Levy has reversed his decision to use the government’s furlough scheme for some non-playing staff during the coronavirus crisis following criticism.

On 31 March, the club announced 550 staff would take a 20% pay cut in an attempt “to protect jobs” and save the club money.

But on Monday, a Spurs statement said non-playing staff will receive “100% of their pay for April and May”. Only board members will take salary reductions, the statement added. But nothing about their millionaire players. That statement includes Daniel Levy, who earned £7m last year (so any pay cut would be insignificant). Maybe he should donate some of his wealth to the NHS cause (but perhaps I am stretching believability to its limits).

Levy  statement was: “We regret any concern caused during an anxious time and hope the work our supporters will see us doing in the coming weeks, as our stadium takes on a whole new purpose, will make them proud of their club.” I bet he regrets. Such publicity doesn’t go down well when one is looking for stadium sponsors.

The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Club (THST) – which had pressed the club to “do the right thing” and reverse the decision, saying “mass supporter opinion against these decisions had solidified” – thanked directors “for finding an alternative way forward”.

“This is the first step, but a big step, in restoring relations between fans and the club,” the Trust added.

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