Classic matches I’ve been to: Spurs Score Five Against West Ham In the League Cup, February the 2nd 1987

I hope everybody is keeping well and safe? My latest Classic matches I’ve been to series is on our 5-0 victory over West Ham United in the Littlewoods Cup. The game was on a Monday, 2nd February. That season we also progressed to the Final of the FA Cup where we faced Coventry City. The West Ham game was one of the most memorable games of that season. Some say our finest game that season, and I can’t really argue with that. Best regards, Glenn


My latest blog is on our match against West Ham (we beat them 5-0) in the Littlewoods cup Rd. Extracts below


The season 1986/1987 was a mixed one for Spurs supporters. We promised so much and ended up with nothing (that does sound familiar, doesn’t it?).

At the beginning of the season, Tottenham created a loyalty or membership card. To get the most members they could, they made a promise that if we should get to the final that season then all members that purchased the Spurs loyalty card would be able to go. Low and behold Tottenham got to the final of the FA Cup. I don’t know the figures, but I wonder if they managed to keep their promise to all? Or was it first come first serve? I was one of them that purchased the card and went to the final (to be fair, card or no card I’ve always managed to go to a Spurs final). It wasn’t for another couple of years before I became a season ticket holder. Before that, I always got my ticket at the gate and had no trouble getting away tickets.


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