Eric Dier receives FA Charge for his conduct against the Norwich City FA Cup Rd game

Eric Dier receives FA Charge for his conduct against the Norwich City FA Cup Rd game.

He receives FA charge, and some journalists predict possible ‘substantial ban’.

Eric Dier has been waiting a while to hear from the FA regarding his red mist incident on March 4 when we played Norwich City in the FA Cup round, and who promptly eliminated us from that competition. We had lost on penalties after the game finished 1-1 after extra time.

While Dier coolly slotted home his own spot-kick, the Canaries won the shootout and knocked us out of our final cup competition.

After the game was over the fun started. As our supporters exited the stadium, Dier made his way to the West Stand area, climbed over the seats (some fans were still there), in dramatic fashion, and confronted some of our supporters. I say dramatic fashion, but he was like a bull in a china shop. He went from mild-mannered Dr Jekyll to the Brutish Mr Hyde or should that be Mr Eric  Dier in a flick of one’s wrists.

As he was confronting the fans, the Tottenham security leapt in and grabbed him out of the crowd and took him through the Premium section, down the lift and away to safety. I witnessed this, well, at least the bit where he was bundled away behind the scenes.  I was in the West Stand lounge, observing this bit of extra entertainment.

We later learned that he went in to rescue his brother who was being confronted by angry Spurs fans (angry over our loss). I don’t believe for one minute they knew who he was. Dier obviously thought he was in danger and wanted to be the hero borther.

The FA have charged Dier with misconduct for a breach of FA Rule E3, which journalist Jonathan Veal claims could bring with it a possible substantial ban. He has until May 8 2020 to respond.