Tottenham manage a draw after 3 months being locked down

Hi all, it has been a long and winding road, but we finally got there in the end. Even though it was behind closed doors, we saw Spurs win 1-0… oops… they got a penalty and robbed us of our victory, so; 1-1. My blog usually has my adventures of games home, away or abroad. Either visiting our excellent stadium or exotic away stadiums (but not all are as glamorous as our stadium) and of course great trips abroad. This time around my trip consisted of me staying at home and the adventures that it entailed; oh, it was a laugh a minute.  I hope everybody is safe and well?

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Extracts below:

A home game with no fans: Spurs 1 United 1

Over forty years ago was the last time I missed a home game. I thought either severe illness or death would have prevented me from missing a match… instead, I stayed – on the day of the match – in perfect health, while all around me collapsed in panic. The world went into lockdown, and I was forced to stay at home – along with millions of others (that is their homes, not mine) – away from my friends, kids and grandchildren. The only thing that kept me company was my dog, my books, writing, social media and cycling for exercise (yes, sad I know!). At the same time, I piled on the weight. So, not a good three months for anybody. But I shouldn’t complain as thousands died around the world.

I did go to Sainsbury’s once a week, which was the highlight of any week (shopping and talking to people, at least it was something). And course the weekly clap every Thursday night for the heroes of the nation; NHS and other essential facilities that carried on working.

I am still sane (but some may disagree!) and reasonably… well, sort of fit (putting my arthritis to one side for the moment).

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