The Money men; Levy & Mourinho…  for the benefit of… well, who?

Hi all, I hope everybody is okay? I’ve got another article for you, this time from Don Scully. He looks at Jose Mourinho’s wealth and his thoughts on Mourinho, Levy, the new stadium and the prospects of the team. Or is it all a big money conspiracy?

I am looking forward to the match on Thursday,  it is a must need win, for us.  To lose then we can forget about Champions League football. All the best, Glenn.  Thanks you.

Extracts from Don Scully’s article:

The Money men; Levy & Mourinho…  for the benefit of… well, who?

Our illustrious manager has managed some of football’s most celebrated and most prominent teams in the world. And he has many trophies to show for his success.

Mourinho, who will be 58 in January 2020, was wooed to the club when Mauricio Pochettino went past his sell-by date (and no trophies). It was alleged that Daniel Levy showed Jose all that glitters can be even more glittering if he came and brought wonders to our club. So he arrived, quick-fast. It was believed that while Mauricio was trying to work out why his golden touch had failed him, Levy was already in talks with Jose. He has been an admirer of his for years. I think Mauricio was just a stop-gap until the stadium was built and then move on to a higher grade manager.

Some sources have said that Jose’s estimated net worth is between $60m to over £100m. Some estimates have said even more.

According to the font of all wisdom, The Daily Mail, our manager signed a beneficial deal to take over from Pochettino. That deal is supposed to be worth around £15 million-a-year. This would make him one of the highest-paid managers in the Premier League and taking him to twice the amount what Pochettino was paid. Obviously, Levy things highly of Mourinho, and he does come with a world-renowned reputation… unlike Pochettino, who came with nothing, other than his belief in God and a wing and a prayer.

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