TV/ match dates for our final few games of the season.

TV/ match dates for our final few games of the season.

We now have everything confirmed to take us to the end of the season.

Our away trip to Newcastle United, a home match against Leicester City and the final game of the season away to Crystal Palace, has been finalised.

That means we’ve got six games to pull a rabbit out of the hat and hopefully get a Europa League place. Any chance of getting into the Champions League was blown when Sheffield United thrashed us.

As for 5th place (if that is available for Champions League placing), well, that seems like a Twilight zone wish.

Mourinho believes that the results until the end of the season matter as they could give the side the momentum when going into the new season.

I read somewhere that we have six potential winnable games, probably as winnable as beating Sheffield United.

Here is the TV schedule for our  six remaining games this season:


Monday 6 July – Tottenham v Everton (Sky Sports, 8pm)


Thursday 9 July – Bournemouth v Tottenham (Sky Sports/Pick TV FREE TO AIR, 6pm)


Sunday 12 July – Tottenham v Arsenal (Sky Sports, 4.30pm)


Wednesday 15 July – Newcastle United vs Tottenham (BT Sport, 6pm)


Sunday 19 July – Tottenham vs Leicester City (Sky Sports, 4pm)


Sunday 26 July- Crystal Palace vs Tottenham (4pm)



We do have a busy couple of weeks, and of course, we would wish to win all the matches that are left. Still, as the Champions League looks like all but lost, I am wondering whether it isn’t better if we gave the Europa league a miss and concentrate on the other trophies (and winning the league). At least Mourinho can focus on building the squad he wants. I am split over this. A club like Tottenham needs Champions League football, and I have loved travelling throughout Europe following my team. Visiting so many beautiful and exotic stadiums and locations… such journeys have been mindblowing.

As for league placing, as we stand at this moment in time, probably fifth or sixth spot. Of course, being a Spurs supporter, I always expect miracles and I hope that I am wrong and miracles of miracles we amazingly get into the top four while United, Arsenal, Sheffield United, Wolves, Chelsea, and those beneath us, on our coattails, crash down in flames. They say pigs fly and Arsenal do on occasions, so anything is possible.

Best regards, Glenn