What do we need to get into Europe? And Crowds back in the stadium.

Hi all, not long to go to the end of the season and to see if we are in the Europa League or not.  I give my calculations and what I think is possible. You can read it all in my blog plus a lot more (just click on the link below). It has been a very long and weird season, but we are close to the end. I also believe that next season will start roughly on the 12th of September. With crowds coming back in October (limited or not). However, there are rumours that our stadium could be used as a test run (before October)and I look at the implications – all bundled up with humour. So check it out in my blog. Best regards, Glenn. Thank you.

Extracts from my blog

A couple of months ago it looked like we were pissing up a tree, where Europe was concerned. But our last couple of games has changed all that. Arsenal, Newcastle and Leicester were all rogered to collapse by us (well, we won, didn’t we?).

Yes, four wins and a draw in our five matches since then has changed the picture; from a Micky Mouse cartoon to a Rembrandt. Now Jose Mourinho’s men have a chance of qualifying for the Europa League. And Mourinho, unlike Pochettino,  has admitted that he is keen to qualify for the competition and win it for the third time in his career. Pochettino regarded that competition and the FA and League Cup beneath him.

We currently sit seventh in the league, a position that will be enough to see us qualify for the Europa League, unless Arsenal should steal the trophy from under Chelsea, in which case the Gunners will join the 5th, and 6th placed side in next season’s competition. A mathematician always helps!

To guarantee ourselves a sixth place and a place in the Europa League, we would have to outdo the Wanderers result against Chelsea, when we travel to Selhurst Park for the final game. We do have a notable goal difference, either a Spurs victory and a Wolves draw, or a Spurs draw, and a Wolves defeat will see us finish about them.

This means that Chelski either have to get a positive result against Wolves in their final Premier League game of the season or beat the Gunners in the Cup, to give us a chance of us playing Thursday night football. Confused? I don’t blame you, where is that mathematician when you need him?

Of course, if the Blues are throttled at both turns of the screw, it will mean that we could have nothing to do on Thursday night’s other than laugh at Arsenal in the Europa League.

My thoughts for whatever it is worth.

I think Chelsea will beat Wolves and that we will overcome Palace on the last game of the season. I also think Chelsea will beat Arsenal for the F A Cup. Personally; who do we hate the least? Arsenal or Chelsea? Chelsea, to me, edge the hijacker-squatters of North London….. READ MORE-

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