After Sunday we will be back on the 12 September

After Sunday we will be back on the 12 September

The 2020-21 Premier League and English Football League seasons will start on 12 September. So, just over a months break to recuperate, get any holidays in and before you know it, Bob’s your uncle and Aunt Fanny is just that!

As for when that season will end; that has also been confirmed as the 23 May. The Championship and League One & Two seasons will culminate on 8 and 9 May. And by then it will known how many trophies we have won and that we will have won, hopefully, the Premier League for the first time; wishful thinking? Probably, at this moment in time, however, dreams can come true. Let us just hope it is our time.

Next season’s play-off finals will take place on the final weekend in May. So for those that have secondary lower teams, just for you.

This current Premier League season will end on Sunday, with, hopefully, us achieving European football once again.

As for the  Championship season, well this was concluded on Wednesday, with the play-offs finishing on 4 August.

The Premier League said it would “continue to consult” with the Football Association and EFL “regarding the scheduling of all domestic competitions”. Under Pochettino the FA or League Cup was never considered important enough for his worthiness. He wanted the League or Premier League, but he should have learnt to walk before running. Mourinho is a different kettle of fish, where he will take anything that can add to his silverware cabinet…  no matter how high or low, he will gor for it. Granted, he would prefer the big ones, but little fish are just as worthy. And for a club like Tottenham who have been starved of trophies for years, anything is welcome… from there we can build upon.

The start date for teams still playing in European competitions is still under discussion. It remains conceivable they will be given a deferred start, given they could be playing into August.

Last-16 ties in the Europa League, which features Wolves and United, recommence on the 5 August, with the Final is programmed to take place on 21 August. Remaining Champions League last-16 ties resume from 7 August, with Manchester City and Chelsea still in the competition. The final will take place on 23 August.

So, there you have it… all up to date and ready and waiting for tomorrow (Sunday’s match against Palace and Spurs and Chelsea v Wolves).