Blog: Spurs: Crazy man Crazy; has UEFA lost the plot?

Hi all, we’ve qualified for the Europa League, of course, we would have preferred to have achieved a Champions League placing, but it wasn’t to be, so we now have to settle for Thursday night European football. All well and good so far. Then Chelsea fail to beat the Gunners in the FA Cup Final, which means that we now have to play three qualifying matches to make that competition. OK… well, no! UEFA, that money-making machine has stuck their oar in to complicate matters even further. Yes, now they’ve added an extra clause to make it even more difficult. What is that old saying; it doesn’t rain, but it pours. What am I on about? Read more in my blog below. It really pees you off what those men in black suits can think up just because they’ve got nothing better to do. Best Regards, Glenn Thank you.

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Spurs: Crazy man Crazy; has UEFA lost the plot?

A new UEFA rule may yet rob us of our 20/21 Europa League spot. Yes, you’ve heard it correctly.

As you all know, we embark on our European journey once the new season starts, but much earlier than projected as Arsenal outflanked Chelsea to win the FA Cup final. All this means is that we will have to navigate three qualification games. Simples, so far. But due to the packed together schedule, this is because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all three of our qualification matches, the first of which will be held on September 17, will be one-legged affairs. So; we’ve not only got to blame Chelsea but COVID-19 as well for putting us in that position.

On top of all that muddleness, it has been just divulged that an inexplicable rule change by the powers that be could yet cost us a place in the competition before we even kicked a ball.

Because of several travel restrictions imposed as a result of the pandemic, UEFA have decided that if a home team’s country restricts travel from the country of the visiting team after the draw has been made, then “the home team must forfeit the game.” Yes, you’ve heard it correctly, because of no fault of our own we could be thrown out of the competition before we’ve even had a look in. What sort of madness is this? It is not that the club has a choice in the matter and we could be punished for it.

In simple terms; it means that should our country restrict our travel from the country of the team we have drawn, then our opponents will progress to the next round and we will lose that game without even playing in the said game. To Read More you need to go to my Blog… information below…

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