Blog: Spurs Loans or not; the little boys’ strikeout & Luke Amos leaves us.

Hi all, we spend all our time talking about the big boys (Kane, Son and co) and almost forget the little ones (no, not their children) but the young ones trying to break into the first team. So I’ve done a little ditty, which has turned into a bigger ditty as we’ve just learned that Luke Amos as left us for the blue hoops of another London side.  It is all happening while the transfer window is active and our eyes are on our Apps, websites and whatever you’ve got to tell you the Spurs news; who is coming, going or just appearing in a puff of smoke (and not just Puff the Magic Dragon). So, for your joy, amusement or just downright anger (who know how articles touch one!). You can read more in my blog to make sense of it all (by clicking on the link below). Best Regards, Glenn.

Extracts from my blog,

Spurs Loans or not; the little boys’ strikeout & Luke Amos leaves us.

With all the talk of the transfer window and whether so-and-so will go here, there and anywhere, and will we buy all and sundry we forget the little men. The youngsters trying to break into the full-grown-up-squad. Before he became a superstar, Harry Kane was let out or lent out to everybody and anybody who would take him. What is that expression… which I made up, “Give me a boy, and I will send him out to the minnows, and he will come back a legend in his own lunchtime”. I know, it sounds crap!

We have become well known for our love in ripening young homegrown talent.

Japhet Tanganga has been the latest talent to come through our ranks. Some say he is another Ledley King, but whether true or not, we will have to wait and see; however, Ledley is a great fan of his. Whatever, we can expect to see a lot more of Tanganga in the coming season either at right-back or in his favoured centre back role.

Oliver Skipp has been mentioned as a future Spurs captain. J’neil Bennett who famously scored the first goal at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will be another who seems to have future prospects. The versatile winger scored six goals in 10 games in the Premier League Under-18 campaign. You can read more on my blog; information below.

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