Blog: Our Government, in their wisdom, have decided how many lucky bleeders will be allowed into the stadium.

Hi folks, I hope everybody is well? It was reported, by the press, how many will be allowed into the stadium, this up and coming season. This tongue-in-cheek article (not a prophecy) is a look at that, the safety of the fans—all written with a smile. To read more, please click on my blog below. Best Regards, Glenn. Thank you.

Extracts from my blog:

Our Government, in their wisdom, have decided how many lucky bleeders will be allowed into the stadium.

Be warned; this article comes to you tongue-in-cheek and isn’t a prophecy (hopefully).

Last season we- not I, but the team – played behind closed doors. This created an eerie, haunting atmosphere. But it had to be done if we didn’t want half our fans to die from a virus that was rampaging through the world, and especially attacking vulnerable, weak and the old, but not just that category, as it was indiscriminate. Even the young and fit were included in its attacks.

So, instead of fans, we had soundboards of popular football video games, and also those that were allowed in were forced to create their own mood and excitement.

Now that season has gone past us, and we approach another one. For the first couple of weeks, the atmosphere should be as we left it the previous season. Then, slowly and eventually the creeping footsteps should be heard walking through the vipers-virus-contaminated-area to the stadium, through the doors and into a virus-free social distanced stadium with hand gel for everyone to smoother themselves in. Unfortunately, by the time you’ve got to that vacuum-sealed environment, you probably have already caught the virus when travelling from your home to the train destination then on to the safety of the stadium. And as those chosen ones slowly sink down in their seats as the virus gradually encroaches upon them/us and decides whether we live or die the game unfolds before the 18,000 delighted unsuspecting odd capacity. But let us not worry about minor details. We are in the stadium, rejoice… rejoice my friends. If we should die we die in bliss.

In other words; as lockdown continues in the UK, it looks as if the effects of COVID-19 are set to roll into the 2020/21 season.

Despite this, the Government has provided an update on how many Spurs fans may be allowed back inside the stadium in the future. Portion of the article only… full version, see below.

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