Tottenham Hotspur and Amazon in partnership.

Tottenham Hotspur are in partnership with Amazon that has now seen us have our own club branded store on the e-commerce giant’s platform.

I have just had a look at it, and it has everything one would find in their Spurs shops. But is this the beginning? For instance, could Amazon have the naming rights for our stadium – The Amazon Tottenham Stadium? There is already a hint that the TV documentary “All or Nothing” might do a follow-up.

Is this the beginning of a beautiful multi-million-pound love affair? Is virtual sex in the air? One of the wealthiest companies in the world in partnership with a club of the future. And a stadium to go with it! If that dream team comes into fruition, we could have one of the wealthiest clubs in the world. I am also sure that if Amazon goes into partnership with Spurs, they will demand success on the field. No giant company wants to be associated with failure.

In the 60s Tottenham were known as the Millionaire club. When we entered the new Premier League in the 90s, we had high hopes, but instead hit near lowes (we nearly vanished into oblivion because of debt through bad business practices). Eventually, our club was rescued by a Sugar daddy, who passed the club onto Enic/ Levy & Lewis. Once in the boardroom, Levy started plotting for the future. This culminated in a super stadium and high aspirations. Levy created a money-making tree, and now the fans hope that that money-making tree will create a superteam that will challenge the world. Fantasy or reality? Only time will tell.

We start this season in a couple of days. Like always, we have high hopes, but now we’ve got a top manager in Mourinho and a team that is, hopefully, ready for the challenges ahead. Like every season, we dream the dream. Come to the end of previous seasons we’ve nosed dived and no trophies to-boot. Let us hope this time it is different.

All I can say is, watch this space.