Get Behind Walker and he will Come Good.

Kyle Walker will admit that he did not have the best of games against Chelsea last weekend but the abuse he has received from certain ‘fans’ since his performance on Twitter is neither warranted nor productive.

The right-back was below par in our 4-2 defeat and this term he hasn’t really met the performance levels that earned him the 2011/12 PFA Young Player of the Year. Out of form and confidence, he had the toughest task on the field last Saturday to stop Juan Mata working his Spanish magic down the Chelsea left flank.

To single Walker out for abuse is utterly ridiculous, seeing as very few could have done better against one of the Premier League’s top attackers. Walker is just 22-years-old and learning his game – he has finally made the right-back position his own and would have played at Euro 2012 were it not for injury.

Instead of pushing forward like the attacking full-back we saw at times last season he was pinned to his own corner and made to stand ground for long periods against Mata. Mata ran the line brilliantly for both his goals and the fourth came when Walker couldn’t afford to put the ball out of play – he was looking for a free kick and didn’t get it.

The difference in quality between the two players came when Walker smashed the ball into Mata midway through the second half. He was trying to intimidate the Chelsea man because he was being outplayed and his lack of confidence was clear in his eyes.

This self doubting took over his game yet were it not for the reflexes of Petr Cech we’d be talking about how great a goal he scored to rocket Spurs back into the match.

Success is a fine line to tread and Walker sadly strayed from it last weekend; yet Spurs fans know how good he can be and. with a little more time, he will prove a solid defender for Tottenham, who are currently 75/1 for the title in the odds to win Premier League 2012-13.

4 thoughts on “Get Behind Walker and he will Come Good.

  1. The idiots who targetted him on twitter are pretty stupid. That said Walker has been very poor all season not just the Chelsea game. Ball watching, wrong side fo the player, going forward a stopping. Come to that I think it was his forward display that made him look better than he is. First and foremost any defender must defend first. if not what’s the point? Walker should be dropped for a match or two and coached back into the team. No other way of doing it without Spurs conceding goals. Naughton has played well at left back so in the RB position he should do even better. I think fans need to remember it’s not about walker or any single player. It’s about tottenham hotspur and it should be step up or sit it out.

  2. shocking to hear that fans r being like that! Players do hav bad games time to time get behind the young lad and b a supporter!

  3. just remember he is the young player of last season, he is doing good as i see him. you just can’t decide seeing him play bad in a game… he is a player,everyone has a bad day,he had a bad day in the chelsea game, there is nothing left to talk all over again…
    come on spurs fan we need to support our player n the gaffer… as they say ROME WAS NOT BUILD IN A DAY… we are financially low club competing with millionaire’s club.. we should be proud of what our club has received so far.. tottenham till i die

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