A long day and coach trip to Burnley… oh, and the discussion on atmosphere!

Good day to you all. I’ve just completed my latest article/ blog on the game against Burnley and my trip. I also had an interesting conversation on the atmosphere at the old and new stadium? All this before I fly out tomorrow to Germany, Leipzig. My predictions? After the last couple of games, I’ve given up predicting. I just hope it is a good game and a good couple of days there. I’ll try not to bring you back a present (Coronaviruses).

Extracts from the article:

Burnley 1 Tottenham Hotspur 1
All I can say about the first half of this game is that we were terrible. The way things were going, I could see Burnley, not only scoring, but one of our players being sent off. You could observe the frustration on their faces and by their body language. Our team saw four yellow cards (they got five).
But the second half was a different kettle of fish. Once Lo Celso and Moura came on, we transformed ourselves as a team. More urgency and more guts in the side (but still a lot of work to do). Dier’s aggression on Wednesday must have inspired them to do something in the next game (Burnley); however, why they waited until the second half, is anybody’s guess. Maybe they thought, let us show our yin and yang first! Dazzle them, they thought, and they certainly did that (especially to a chorus of boos as they walked off at half-time).

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