Players are coming back for training.

Players are coming back for training.

There is sunshine at the end of the tunnel (hopefully).  Tottenham have released an update regarding the current state of play (if I can use that term) at the Hotspur Way training facility. They’ve announced that from tomorrow they will open part of their training pitches, which will be used by members of Jose Mourinho’s first-team squad to have individual running sessions.

The training will be on a rota basis and will allow players to build up their fitness away from public observation. Only one first-team player will be permitted to use a pitch at any one time.  The training building will remain out of circulation, which will mean that players will have to travel to the facility already wearing their training kit and return home also wearing it.

As you will probably know, Tottenham has come in for deleterious publicity following issues with players and staff having not complied with government guidelines on social distancing. Slapped wrists all around. What should be good enough for the masses should be good enough for the millionaires as well.

Jose Mourinho was ordered to apologise recently following a training session with Tanguy Ndombele on Hadley Common while Moussa Sissoko and Serge Aurier also flouted the rules.

Even though the training is being commenced doesn’t mean a date has been permanently fixed… yes, provisional dates have been mentioned, but things could quickly change.

The other question is about playing the matches, itself, whether behind closed door or not as it would still take quite considerable manpower to also be at the stadium; ambulance crew, staff, trainers etc. Some have estimated as much as 2 to 300 people (that is if it is behind closed doors). But we shall wait and see.