Watch Spurs for free (but not for all).

Watch Spurs for free (but not for all).

Like me, you will all be looking forward to watching Spurs back in action. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to be there in person. I’ve been going to Spurs since the 60s and probably for the last 20 odd years I haven’t missed a home, away or an abroad match.

It is not only Spurs playing I’ve missed, but the friends that I’ve made; different ones for home, away or abroad. It wasn’t just seeing Spurs overseas either, it was a cultural maze of wonderment. Putting aside the foreign police nutters who loved whacking everybody who looked like a football supporter, over the head, and a few knees in the bollocks, for their own sport… it was also the feel and ambience of the different places.

So… back to TV. For those that have Sky, no problem… but I haven’t. I am only a poor humble Freeview watcher. So here is me thinking that I was going to miss out for the first time in 60 years (there was always TV beforehand). But Spurs are now offering all season ticket holders two free NOW TV Sky Sports day passes ahead of their Premier League return this Friday (United & Spammers).

Jose Mourinho’s Blue & White army will make their return against his former club Manchester United on June 19, live on Sky Sports.

Unfortunately, supporters will not be in attendance due to COVID-19 restrictions but all games will be shown live on TV throughout the UK.

While some will be made available to watch for free, most Premier League will require a subscription (according to the Metro).

Tottenham supporters need only visit the Spurs official website, enter their details, and the club will email two unique codes to access NOW TV.


Tottenham’s next two fixtures against West Ham and Sheffield United will also be available on Sky Sports (Sky Sports).

So, there you have it. After those two matches… well, we’ll have to wait and see, and probably cry in our cornflakes bowl if no more free vouchers are forthcoming. But we must be grateful for small murphies.  As for next season… well… that is another story… yet unveiled.

By Glenn Renshaw