Sheffield United 3 Spurs 1, which means no Champions League football and severe doubts for even the lowly Europa league.

Hi all, I hope everybody is okay? But after Thursday game I wouldn’t be surprised if you are all feeling like me, pretty miserable. I think we can kiss any chances of us getting into the Champions League. And as we stand now, Europa football looks very unlikely. There is nothing really to cheer us up at the moment. The quicker this season is over, the quicker we can get back on track. In my article, I go over the match, give my thoughts and then drink myself to sleep… what more could I do? All the best, Glenn. Thank you.

Extracts of my blog:

I said before this game, we needed to win, a draw would be no good. We neither drew nor won, but was subdued by the Blades. No Champions League football next year, for us and Europa at this moment in time is looking doubtful.

Usually, in July we would be all waiting for football to restart and get back to our friends at our club. Instead, we have been behind closed doors – as if we were being punished (that is the fans) – forced not to socialise and other government state-sponsored lockdowns. At this moment in time, there is even no surety if we will be even allowed to get back into the stadium and watch our beloved teams next season.

Just a matter of interest; it was 26 years ago to the day (2nd) that our then Chairmen Alan Sugar took his appeal against a £600,000  fine, plus a 12 point deduction and an FA Cup ban, to court.  Sugar thought the punishment was over the top and vindictive. He won his court case – of sorts. The points penalty was halved, but the fine was doubled. The reason I remember it so well was because, at that time, I was writing for various fanzines.  The cause for the fines and points deductions: the main charge centred on us purchasing of three players, Mitchell Thomas, Chris Fairclough and Paul Allen. The club allegedly made a ‘loan’ which it was never the intention the players should repay to Thomas and Fairclough and an ex-gratia payment to Allen, before their fees being fixed by the tribunals but without the tribunals’ knowledge. A player’s income is taken into account when this body assesses the cost, and in these cases, it might otherwise have fixed a higher figure. The selling club could, therefore, claim that the fees were not settled honestly. But that was then, this was now.

I started off the day as usual, well, if you can call the lockdown usual? Up early for a trip to Sainsbury’s – it doesn’t get any better than that… even when ending the day watching Tottenham on the box. What a sad life we have under the current restrictions.

I have been reading a Dougie Brimson book (“Wings of a Sparrow”) to help my mental state. At least it made me laugh and took me back to those days when humour was rife and normality, well, usual. Remember those times?

Just a matter of interest, it was 8 years ago today (3 July) that Daniel Levy gave Andre Villas-Boas a three-year contract. How long did he last? Again back to the here and now.

Before the TV game, I prepared myself with a glass of wine and some nibbles… I was expecting something special… I ended up finishing off a bottle of red. At least it dampened the pain.

To the match; Sheffield United picked up their first win since the Premier League restarted as they produced a remarkable spectacle against us to keep alive their hopes of playing European football next season. What a shambles (that is for us).

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