Eric Dier signs for a further 4-years and the Merry-go-around circus.

Eric Dier signs for a further 4-years and the Merry-go-around circus.

This deal that Dier has signed will keep him at the club until 2023-24 season. Dier has always been a favourite of Mourinho’s, and he finally got his man signed, sealed and delivered.

The last couple of years our club has been entangled in player contract-disputes and games; will they, won’t they? Toby Alderweireld looked like he was definitely, absolutely, positively and even unquestionably going to go; but when push came to shove, he jumped into the arms of Tottenham Hotspur loved-ones. It seemed that the swaying clubs, for his signature, wasn’t there waiting or eager to waft him away on that magic and enchanted flying carpet. Next up was his defender mate Jan Vertonghen, and it is still up in the air (not literally of course… don’t believe all that hype that he has a superman costume under his spurs shirt). Still, with the virus extending the season, he signed an end of season extension… after that, it will be another “will he, won’t he?” game of thrones. Then there was Christian – I want something bigger and better – Eriksen, playing hardball, to the point that he eventually left for Inter Milan… where the grass wasn’t that greener… the rumours are he isn’t having such a good time and might be sold or relegated to the bench. And now Dier, famous for jumping over stadium chairs to get at a disgruntled fan and his brother-in-arms. This resigning game is just that, a game that is played out in front, behind and in the twilight zone of the media.

But we are here about Dier and the agents, owners and players merry-go-round circus.  Dier has benefited as much as anyone else on the team from the arrival of Jose Mourinho. While Mauricio Pochettino had played Dier as a defensive midfielder,  Dier always saw his long term position in central defence. Dier started the first few matches, after the virus restart, in the backline alongside Davinson Sanchez and playing very well and making a strong case for himself as an appetiser going forward.

As we all know, and as I said, at least about jumping over chairs, he’s been suspended for the past three matches. This was as a result of going into the stands to confront a fan in our humiliation in the FA Cup loss to Norwich in March. But that has now come to an end, and he is set to grace our presence once again for this Sunday’s final match of the season against Crystal Palace (of course, that is if he is picked).

We don’t know what has been fanned in front of his face (wages wise), but we do know that he was on £60K a week, but the rumours are that he wanted something in the region of £120K, which he initially demanded… or politely requested.

Alongside Dier’s signing, a number of our players have had their contracts extended to 2024. Those other names include Harry Kane, Dele, Sanchez, Ben Davies, Harry Winks, and Lucas Moura. That’s good for the future of the club. Dier extension means that along with Toby and Davinson, we will have a stable defensive spine that can be supplemented with young developing talents going upwards and forwards.

So there you have it… Dier has signed, sealed and been delivered… now all we want is a few more players bought in, a few sold and hay presto! we’ve got a Champions winning team… well, that is the theory… the truth of it all is somewhere in the egghead … if you understand Daniel Levy’s thinking on all things money-related.

Live long and prosper (and stay safe), Glenn


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