Blog: We qualified for Europe by drawing with Palace (1-1) in an awful game.

Hi all, what a season. We finally finished in 6th position and a place in Europe (albeit in the Europa League). What next season brings is anybody’s guess. We’ve got a nucleus of a good squad, but we need one or two more players to complement what we’ve got. Plus some players will need to depart.

This season has been a long and winding one. We started off with Pochettino and ended up with Mourinho. Whether that is a good deal, only time will tell. My blog below covers the match, my thoughts and a look at the future. Since coming back from the lockdown, we’ve had more hope than before it. Where there is a cockerel, there is always hope. Stay safe and look after yourselves. Best Regards, Glenn

Extracts from my Blog,

We qualified for Europe by drawing with Palace (1-1) in an awful game.

I hope I won’t be saying this many times in my lifetime, but thanks Chelsea for beating Wolves. We are in now in the Europa League competition next season. I shall go and wash my mouth out.

The day started off with no drinks, even when I sat down to watch the game on NowTV. I was optimistic, so I predicted a 3 or 4 goal win and no goals from Palace. In the end, I ended up running down to the kitchen and opening a bottle of Malbec, in the hope that what I was watching would improve (and dampen my anxiety). But in the end, the draw did it for us.

I won’t tell you about the food concoction I had with my wine, as I don’t want to be responsible for you sticking your head down the toilet to vomit up whatever you’ve just digested… but saying that, what we witnessed on Sunday, against Palace, was enough for you to do just that.

Jose Mourinho says he intends to get us back “where we belong” after we qualified for the Europa League after a shitty game against Palace. Well, we belong where Bill Nicholson put us with his great teams. Anything less would not be putting us back “where we belong”. And if he is going to do that he will need to buy reliable and wise players, with a few old deadwood being rejected from the squad. I do believe we have a nucleus of a great team, but Daniel Levy needs to splash the cash, but wisely.

Anyway, the result saw us leapfrog into sixth place above Wolves, who lost by two goals to nil to Chelsea.

“When all the players are available, we showed in this last period where we belong,” Mourinho said. He then went on and added, “I don’t know, maybe in this period, after lockdown, we finished third or fourth in the table. So that’s where we belong. I want to have my team, my players, not a medical room full of players. I want a pitch full of players.”

He then ended with, “Are we going to buy 10 players? No. Are we going to buy players for £100m? No. We are going to improve.” Yes, improve enough to get us where we belong and winning trophies…. there is more to read, just click on my Blog

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