Blog: Europa League qualification: Where does Spurs and everybody else stand?

Hi everybody. As you all know we’ve qualified for the Europa League because we finished 6th.  To complicate matters though Arsenal beat Chelsea in the FA Cup, which means that we will be forced to play qualification rounds. In my article/ blog, I list possibilities and the possible teams we may play in those rounds. All complicated stuff, and how this affects the transfer window I don’t know (but it has been suggested that it might; that is us buying players or not if we don’t know whether we will get past the qualification rounds. You can read the article in full below. Best Regards, Glenn Thank you.

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Europa League qualification: Where does Spurs and everybody else stand?

Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1 at Wembley in Saturday’s FA Cup final, this means they have qualified for the Europa League group stages next season, which is a blow to both Wolves and us.

Bad news

Arsenal’s come back over Chelsea ensured their place in the Europa League next season, but it also means we (we finished sixth in the Premier League) will have to go into the second qualifying round of the competition. Of course, we would have gone straight into the group stage if Chelsea had won. But it’s even worse news for Wolves. A Chelsea win would have handed them a Europa League second qualifying round spot after finishing seventh in the Premier League. Still, they may miss out on European football entirely because of the Gunners victory. Unless they win this season’s Europa League.

If Wolves were to win the Europa League, they would earn a Champions League group stage place for the 2020/21 season. They are currently level with Olympiakos 1-1 after the first leg. The second leg takes place at Molineux on Thursday, August 6.

The Arsenal Wembley win means we will have to face a qualification campaign to reach the Europa League group stages. Chelsea couldn’t even do a little thing like beating a hotchpotch of a misfit group of players.

So, we will enter the second round of qualifying and face an additional three qualifying games, with trips to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Estonia and the Faroe Islands all possible.

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