All that Gareth Bale crap about returning to Tottenham

All that Gareth Bale crap about returning to Tottenham

For the last couple of years all I’ve been hearing is that Bale will be coming back to Tottenham. Yeah, at £600,000 per week. I am sure Levy will coco. What a load of bollocks. And even if Real Madrid was prepared to pay the bulk of it, say £400,000, that means £200,00 would be way over what Levy his paying the likes of Harry Kane or the other players. It would cause unrest. And there is no way Bale will take a wage cut. Why should he? It was stupid of Real to offer such a silly sum in the first place. I’ve got no sympathies for them (for trying to get rid of Bale). Granted, it makes Bale out to be a mercenary, and probably he is. But how many would take such a pay cut?

A friend of mine at Tottenham – every season – would say that he had inside contacts about Bale coming back to Spurs. Now Bale has added fuel to the fire about a potential return to our club by admitting he is is still a fan of Tottenham Hotspur. Being a serious fan and taking a pay cut is two different things.

Bale has been strongly linked with a move back to Spurs in recent years, having joined Spanish legends Real Madrid from us in the summer of 2013 for £85million. For that sum, Levy probably was laughing all the way to the bank, and no doubt Bale’s sale helped towards the building of the new stadium.

However, and saying all that, contradictory reports are coming out of Spain. The Welsh International believes there is still a future for him at Real Madrid. His wife and three children, who are very happy in Spain, specially with all that money their wealthier other half is getting, don’t want to move. Then there is the weather. Again, there is no way he will take a pay cut and then subjugate his family, and himself, to Blighty’s cold and damp environment.

Of course, he hasn’t only been linked with Spurs, there are rumours that Manchester United want to pick his pocket. Probably more journalist stiring to sell their papers.

Nevertheless, Spanish papers keep adding fuel to the fire, in that they are unyielding in their believe that Bale will depart the Bernabeu this summer. China is one of the countries talked about. What they are not speculating on is Bale coming back to Tottenham. So many different theories to just sell their papers.

Bale scored 56 goals and setting up 58 in 203 appearances when playing at Tottenham. But that was then, now he is older and injury-prone. Do we really want him back? Do Mourinho and Levy wish to take the risk? Personally, I think it is all rubbish, however, his contact will be up in two years, by then he will be 33. But anything is possible if Levy can get him on the cheap… say, £1,000 per week (I know, I am having a laugh!).

He is contracted to Real Madrid until June 30, 2022. He earns £600,000 a week before tax. When you then add up the weekly figure from the new contract extension in 2016 until 2022, it comes to almost £110m, not including the bonuses—£ 18.2m a year on that six-year deal. You can imagine Levy going mad just thinking about these sums. But then again the fans could always supplement Bale’s wage by requesting that their season tickets are doubled to help towards his wages. Now there is a thought! Oh, stop it, my sides are aching with laughter!!

But saying all that, knowing my luck and after writing this, I will probably pick up the phone in the next couple of weeks to see a message saying that he has done just that, signed for us… perhaps out of spite of this article… Bastard!

Anyway, sweet dreams and don’t let the Bale bugs bite!