Paul Trevillion, Tottenham Born, Tottenham supporter and artist extraordinaire.

Hi all, I’ve got some different for you today, but Tottenham related nevertheless. Paul Trevillion is a Spurs man through-and-through, he isn’t a player, but an illustrator. He’s illustrated for Roy of the Rovers, The Spurs Lillywhite magazine, Spurs programmes and even has drawn greats like Pele, Churchill (that is Winston) and the list goes on. He is much connected to Spurs as Bill Nicholson (but in a different way). To read more click on the link below and you will be taken straight to my blog and the story about Paul Trevillion. Best Regards, Glenn. Thank you, and up the Spurs!

Extracts from my Blog:

Paul Trevillion, Tottenham Born, Tottenham supporter and artist extraordinaire.

If you are like me, as old as me and remember the 60s (“then you weren’t really there…” as the saying goes), you will love this.

Apart from Tottenham, which was a big part of my life, I also was a comic fan. I grew up reading Roy of the Rovers, the Eagle, Tiger, subscribed to the Spurs magazine Lillywhite, but my favourite of all was TV Century 21. It was based on Gerry Anderson’s characters/ TV episodes.  It was done as a newspaper and had the date as (say we were in 1967) 2067. I collected everyone from the beginning to the end (with free gifts attached to the front of the paper). Unfortunately, I never saved them (as they would be worth a fortune today), but recently they all came out in book form; which I’ve now got.

In the 60s, I went to the John White Memorial match with my dad (I would have been 9). The front cover of that memorial programme was drawn by none other than Paul Trevillion (which I’ve still got). In fact, all these memories are connected to the legendary Paul Trevillion (and Tottenham born to-boot!). And probably your memories as well, whether you know it or not.

I could bore you to death on Paul Trevillion, Spurs and comics… and the 60s… but I won’t (thank god! I hear you shout). But I will give you a brief history:

Paul Trevillion is Tottenham through and through, and has met them all; from Bill Nicholson to Churchill to George Best and the list goes on ad infinitum.

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