Aston Villa 2 Spurs 3

Aston Villa 2 Spurs 3

Yes, it was bloody windy, cold and wet.

Aston Villa manager Dean Smith said, about the match, a “farcical VAR decision” contributed to Tottenham’s last-gasp Premier League. Swings and roundabout, just swings and roundabouts… we all have suffered from it.”

We were awarded a penalty by VAR when the score was 1-1, with Son scoring the rebound. He also scored a stoppage-time winner, taking us up to fifth in the table, a point behind fourth-placed Chelsea (we’ve got Chelsea on Saturday).

Villa’s Smith was heavily critical of VAR’s intervention. “I don’t get it,” he said. “There’s 42,000 people in the stadium, he [referee Martin Atkinson] gives a goal-kick and everyone believes it’s a goal-kick. It was a farcical VAR decision. The criteria is clear and obvious. It’s not clear and obvious. Martin Atkinson stood up but his authority has been taken away “I told Martin at half-time I didn’t blame him, but if he was brave enough to walk over to that monitor it takes 30 seconds, you go, ‘No, I’m happy with my decision’ and we play on. “Instead we go into an environment where there’s no feel for the game or what’s happened and we make a decision. It was a sore result for us, it’s a tough one to take.”

Whatever way you look at it, we won. He wouldn’t have moaned if Villa had won under the same circumstances.

The result means Villa remain a point above the bottom three in 17th. The other goal scored for us was by Alderweireld. He also scored an own goal for them. Engels scored their other one.

We are now in 5th place, behind Chelsea. And we face them on Saturday. COYS!

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  1. It was a penalty the defending player never touched the ball but went across Bergwijn legs trying abs as the Referee didn’t give it, it was a clear and obvious error
    smith obviously doesn’t understand the point

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