How I see Spurs finishing in the league. 

How I see Spurs finishing in the league. 

A couple of years ago, when Harry Redknapp came to the club as manager, he allowed us to smell the top-four platform’s unique aroma. It was the beginning. After he left, there were a few misstarts – with inferior managers – until Pochettino came to the club. His first season in charge was looking for where all the chess pieces should be placed, then the following seasons, we got into the top four and started swimming with the sharks. In his final full season we were in the Champions League Final and finished fourth. After a bad start and Daniel Levy’s impatience, he was given his P45 and told to sling his hook. Daniel wanted to take us to a different level, to go with his cash cow arena, but at no extra cost to himself or the board. In came Mourinho – the special one – and we ended the season in 6th place. Not his fault, as the reasoning goes, as he inherited the lousy players that troubled Pochettino’s last season. At the start of the following season and with one or two new players, the “special one” started to work his magic (or not) and tried to bring us to the level of Chelski, United, City and Liverpool (on Levy’s budget, of course). Sadly, with COVID-19, no football fans in the grounds and poor performances on the pitch, it wasn’t going as planned. Now, like all the other previous managers under Levy’s reign, a cloud of anger and a noose floats above Mourinho’s head.  This full season was supposed to see trophies galore (still a possibility, but just the one), and a top-four spot (still a chance) looks in jeopardy. According to the press reports, if Mourinho doesn’t finish in the top four, he will be a goner with loads of cut-priced-wannabees waiting to fill his boots. If my predictions are correct (below), the good news for Mourinho is he will still be here to fight another Spurs campaign, but still with Levy’s noose ready to slip around his neck and then yanked from his platform if he should disappoint his Controller. So, here goes with how I see this season-ending… as for the League Cup against Manchester City, why not… we’ve beaten them once before, and we can do it again, providing the right-mentally-minded Tottenham team turns up.

1. Manchester City will win it (the bleeding bloody obvious!). City have only lost 3 matches this season (one of them was to us). They scored more goals than any other and conceded fewer. So I have no doubt that they will end up at the top of the tree, crapping on all those below them.

2. Manchester United will finish second. They started off the season very poorly, and there was speculation that they would sack their manager, however, they got their act together and put in a good run and are now second (but not entirely out of the woods). They could slip as they are close to Leicester Titty and Chelski and could end below them, but it is unlikely for us to take advantage of any United failures as we are too far behind. Also, United are still in the Europa League, and their last remaining games are against: Brighton, us (A), Burnley, Leeds (A), Liverpool, Villa (A), Leicester Titty, Fulham and Wolves away in the last game of the season. A hard run in for them.

3. Tottenham Hotspur (yes, us in third). Now, this is a bold prediction (some may even laugh, haha). However, I do believe we could finish either 3rd or 4th. But I’ve gone for third, and why not! We are out of all competitions, which will help us to stay focused (yes, I know we are in the League Cup final against City). Our remaining games are against Newcastle (winnable), United (we beat them 6-1 at their place, and I believe we can do the same again). Then we’ve got Everton, tricky, but not impossible, but I shall go for a draw, which is followed by Sheffield United away (we can win this game). Leeds United another win, followed by Wolves, a tricky one, but we have it within us to take all the points. This is followed by Villa, probably with Grealish back, who we beat away 2-0 recently (without Grealish). Our last game of the season is against Leicester Titty; win that, and Bob’s your uncle and aunt Fanny has won the lottery… we will be in the top three. When you write this all down, it looks simple. However, I have one worry; which Tottenham team will turn up. We’ve been blowing hot and cold all season. Knocked out of the FA Cup and Europa league against teams we should have won against. On top of that, we’ve also been beaten or drawn against teams we should have demolished.

4. Chelski, I would put in fourth place, however, if they should gain 3rd, then it will be fourth for us, as I said. Their remaining games are against WBA (A), Palace (A), the Spammers (A), Fulham, City (A), Leicester Titty, and finally Villa away. Palace will be tricky for them, as will the Spammers. As for City, that will be a challenging game, and so will Leicester titty. They have a more challenging run-in than us. That is why I put us above the Russians.

5. Leicester Titty in 5th. I think they will fall at the last couple of hurdles.

6. Liverpool 6th. They have nosedived recently, however, some of their critical injuries are starting to get fit again. They could be a problem, however, it won’t be our problem as we’ve already faced them, but a problem for United.

7. Everton 7th. The Toffees started well but have had a few hiccups along the way.

8. The Spammers in 8th. They will do what they do every season and disappoint. To be fair, they’ve been lucky. I put them down as favourites to be relegated.

9. And the team from Ur-anus (no, not yours, their’s) in 9th… or hopefully further down. They’ve got a hard run in; Liverpool, Everton and the Russian empire. Their last two games are against Palace and Brighton (could be tricky). Sadly, relegation isn’t on the cards for the arsewipes.  I also can’t see them getting back into the Europa League (fingers crossed). The game we lost to them was an excellent example of us blowing hot and cold. On any other day, we would have thrashed them out of sight. This time around, we took our foot off the throttle, and they took advantage. They didn’t win; we lost that game, the same for our game against Zagreb.

As for the rest, who gives a shit… they will be fighting over the crumbs (to get as high as they can).

Relegated: Newcastle, WBA and Sheffield United.

As for relegation, this is straight forward. If not Newcastle, then it will be Fulham, but I wouldn’t like them to go down. Newcastle’s owner Mike Ashley has taken the piss out of a team he never has supported (he was a Spurs supporter). Hopefully, now they/ he will get his/ their comeuppance.


As the league table currently stands


So, there you have it. Being out of all the contests (apart from the league cup final) will put us in good stead. Those that are above us at the moment are still in other competitions. Play our cards right, and my prediction can come true. Fuck it up, and there will be no lolly for Levy, Lewis and the shareholders. Or should I say, no extra Lolly?

All this is a possibility, the same with winning the National lottery… just pick the correct numbers, and you’ve won it. However, I do think there is more chance of my league prediction coming true than me winning the millions on the lottery.

Stay safe, be good, and it won’t be long until we are back there (at the stadium) in the flesh… no, no…not naked, however, I’ve seen a few streakers on the pitch in my time, but that is another story.

What are your thoughts on where we will end this season?