By Don Scully: Inside Levy’s mind (just money rattling around!)

I have another article for you by Don Scully. This time he takes a humorous look at Levy and who he possible could take on as manager.  Another failure in a 20-year reign, or will the next one be the trophy-winning one?  Or is the solution even closer to home? Thanks.

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Inside Levy’s mind (just money rattling around!)

By Don Scully

The money wheels must be going like the clappers in Levy’s brain. Who should he appoint that is cheap, will get us into the top four, but won’t have the money to compete in the same way that other top five clubs do? He has probably tried all the lunatic asylums. He’s even attempted those sitting by the phone, desperate ta be called up (those who have no job, such as Mourinho). He’s tried inexperienced men (Sherwood) and got fuck all. He’s tried other clubs failures and nothing. At the moment, he is trying out a young chap who probably hasn’t learnt to shave yet, and certainly not old enough to go out with high-class women (or man… equal opportunities here).

I read that Levy said he wasn’t in a hurry… of course not, this season is dead for us, and I doubt if we will get relegated… so what is the urgency?  As for the fans, he probably thinks they will toe the line or can go and support Arsenal, but I am (not me, Levy) in charge, so what I say goes. So, let me put my thinking cap on and look at those names that have been discussed in the press (or at least some of them…).

Bayern Munich beat us to the chase by appointing  Julian Nagelsmann, and probably being wise himself, thought, trophies with Bayern or headaches with Levy. Mmmmm… hard one.

We will probably face a second successive season without Champions League football thanks to Levy lording it over the club. Levy has been at the helm since 2001 and finally got the man he sought and appointed, Mourinho, who he thought would win us trophies galore on a shoestring and ended up delivering us nothing. It seems all the managers he hired were the right choice for the club, and all ended as egg on Levy’s face. Bar one (Juande Ramos), who won us the league cup under his reign… but still, he was sacked after a short while (probably Levy was thinking, what is the man doing, winning us a trophy… out you bastard! And out he went).

Despite the lack of silverware, Pochettino’s five-year term was the longest of any manager under Levy as he established us as European Champions League regulars and Premier League title challengers. But… he even wasn’t good enough, and so Levy thought… failure is the name of my game, so I’ll sack him and hire another one, a chosen one.

Levy probably had done Pochettino a favour by sacking him because now he is at a club that will give him the tools to challenge for titles. Lucky PSG.

Gareth Southgate, Ralf Rangnick, Erik ten Hag and Scott Parker have all been linked with the job

Scott Parker has already overseen Fulham’s return to the Premier League via the playoffs last season but will go straight back down this season. Probably right up Levy’s street, another failure to bring to the club. Then there is the Brighton boss Graham Potter who got his break in the Swedish fourth tier, leading Ostersund through the divisions and into the Europa League before arriving at Brighton via Swansea. Not in the same class as Mourinho, so he might be ideal for Levy.

Then there is Brendan Rodgers, arguably the best-suited candidate from the Premier League. Still, the question is, is he stupid enough to go from Leicester City to the boiling frying pan?

Jermaine Jenas says Rodgers and Nagelsmann would have been “great options”, adding that “I am not sure anyone else could get Tottenham better as quickly” as the Leicester boss. I agree, however, the stumbling block would be Levy… where he has been a stumbling block ever since he became chairman. But it would make no sense for him to leave Leicester.

Erik ten Hag was the favourite at one time, having led Ajax to the Champions League semi-finals in 2019, but he signed a contract extension with the club on Friday that runs until 2023. He probably thought, Champions league football or Levy’s Iron fist and no Champions League football…

Then there was former RB Leipzig coach and director of football Ralf Rangnick is who another name being talked about and is currently out of work. Sounds hopeful!

The other option for Levy is to go for an international coach – as he did with the unsuccessful appointment of former France manager Santini – so could he go for Gareth Southgate? I hope not! What the fuck has he ever won? Let us not forget Middlesbrough and all the glories he didn’t win with them. Maybe that failure might go down well with Levy. And he’s fucked up England winning trophies (that is Southgate, not Levy, but then again, I am sure Levy would have done a similar job for the national team as its current manager).

The next sucker-manager will be the 10th permanent appointment made during Levy’s 20 years as chairman. After the events of the past 20 years, he really needs to get this one correct.

Jose Mourinho’s dismissal made no sense. Dumping the man whose primary currency is silverware less than a week before a major final and replacing him with a rookie yet to reach his teens (sorry, 30th birthday) is at odds with any rational thinking.

What about Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo? He must be reaching the end of the line in his current job. Another one who has won fuck all.

Oh… I give up… probably another 20 depressing years under Levy’s beady eyes. What will be will be, and we won’t be in Levy’s thoughts when making his decision, just making more money and spending as little as possible.

How about, instead of looking for a new manager, we go for a new chairman? Somebody whose priority is winning trophies, over filling their pockets. Now that is a thought!

By Don Scully

2 thoughts on “By Don Scully: Inside Levy’s mind (just money rattling around!)

  1. I concur with the article Don Scully has published!
    Poch had achieved a level of success we all shared in, at next to no cost for Levy.
    Instead of filling Mourinho’s pockets at what knows cost!
    Levy should have given the money to Poch, a much better option in my Humble opinion.
    As long as Spurs finish mid table, and the attendance figures stay high, Levy will be more than satisfied!

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