Mason is learning the lessons or failures of Mourinho where Kane, Son and Bale are concerned.

Mason is learning the lessons or failures of Mourinho where Kane, Son and Bale are concerned.

Yes, young Ryan started off the game against the Blades with Bale, Son and Kane in attack, and for his troubles, Bale got a hat-trick and us winning 4-0 (fourth goal by Son).

We have four remaining games left, and if it was me, I would put the trio in the starting line up. However, Mason isn’t me, but that won’t mean he isn’t thinking on the same lines as myself (and why not).

The return of Gareth Bale in September following seven years away had plenty of people talking after we came to an agreement with Real Madrid. Granted, it wasn’t a permanent deal, but he came nevertheless, and with Mourinho out of the way (who didn’t really want him at the club), he will hopefully be given the last four remaining game to show his magic.

As you all know, Kane and Son were in devastating form to begin with at the start of this season as the team scored for fun at Southampton and Manchester United, fans knew that they would have to bide their time to see Bale in action as he worked his way back to full fitness, but fitness he did.

The first time the three amigos started together in the league was away at West Brom in November. Still, it wasn’t a success, and it wasn’t until the end of February when Mourinho plumped for them together in attack from the beginning when Burnley made the trip to our ground. That afternoon they were absolutely magic alongside each other, and it only took 67 seconds for Bale to open the scoring after linking up with Son before he then passed to Kane not long after. Bale then completed the scoring in the 55th minute as he and Son teamed up once again to seal the 4-0 win and leaving us screaming for more (that is from our TV screens).

Ryan Mason could prove Jose Mourinho wrong by energising Bale.

Gareth Bale was in fine form on Sunday as his hat-trick only saw more people question Jose Mourinho’s decision not to play him. Ryan Mason has taken three games to highlight Jose Mourinho’s mistake in not playing him more often.

Mason praised his player in his post-match press conference when asked about him and even stated that he should never have been doubted by some in the first place.

Bale was also in front of the cameras as well after his hat-trick and claimed that he is “feeling good” and that he just needed a consistent run of games to find his form. Obviously, he had to take his chances when they come, and thankfully he “had a few tonight,” he told Sky Sports.

Had the three players started on a constant basis under Mourinho, a top-four place may already be assured. Sadly that isn’t the case heading into the final few weeks of this season. But all is not lost, we have a better run in that Chelsea, and it is still all up in the air as to who will finish in 3rd or fourth spot. I would say it is between us, the Spammers and the Russians.

It is sad for the fans, team and club that the trio didn’t play together that often under Mourinho, however, the trio can still have a big say in where we finish in the league table as we look to put a bad start to 2021 firmly behind us.

Agree or disagree, I would like to hear from you?

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