I share Mark Lawrenson views over a manager.

I share Mark Lawrenson views over a manager.

In a previous article, I mentioned Roberto Mancini as a possible manager for us; now, Mark Lawrenson has done the same and questioned why Roberto Mancini is not being linked with a move to our club.

We’ve gone through a few managers since starting the search, and the last two managers we looked at, Gennaro Gattuso and Paulo Fonseca, were potentials and then quickly dismissed, we are now back to square one.

There is a famous quote, “With thousands of roads before us that lead nowhere, going in circles. There really are only two roads we will either travel, one going to heaven, or the other to hell.” We can guess which one Levy is trying to get to!

We’ve mentioned a couple of names that I think would be a disaster, like Roberto Martinez and Gareth Southgate (I certainly wouldn’t want them to be our manager); Mancini has not been linked with the vacant role but has a good record in England.

The former City boss has revolutionised Italy since taking over in 2018, with a 74.29 win percentage during his time in charge. In the Euro’s Italy have won all three of their group games playing some free-flowing football and have been the most impressive team in the tournament so far. “Free-flowing football,” isn’t that what Levy is looking for?

Like myself, Lawrenson insisted that the Italian should be on our list, given the fact that he has Premier League experience. He Told Off the Ball: “The other thing about Mancini is why isn’t he being mentioned for the Tottenham job. He’s the only manager I know who’s not had a mention. Why hasn’t he been mentioned? Uncle Tom Cobley have all been in there. And he’s doing a fabulous job. He’s managed in the Premier League and we know what he’s done, so that’s a little bit of strange one.”

He has played for Bologna, Sampdoria and Lazio and was on loan to Leicester City in 2001.

As a manager:

2001–2002         Fiorentina

2002–2004         Lazio

2004–2008         Inter Milan

2009–2013         Manchester City

2013–2014         Galatasaray

2014–2016         Inter Milan

2017–2018         Zenit Saint Petersburg

2018–        Italy

Pretty good record

Trophies won as manager Manager


Coppa Italia: 2000–01


Coppa Italia: 2003–04

Inter Milan

Serie A: 2005–06, 2006–07, 2007–08

Coppa Italia: 2004–05, 2005–06

Supercoppa Italiana: 2005, 2006

Manchester City

Premier League: 2011–12[159]

FA Cup: 2010–11[158]

FA Community Shield: 2012[158]


Turkish Cup: 2013–14

My thoughts

I think he would be a good acquisition, however, like Conte, he would be too ambitious, and I have no doubt that Levy doesn’t want that as it would mean investing in the team, that is why Conte was turned down. The current crop of managers that Levy is looking at wouldn’t be great catches (or too inexperienced), nevertheless, they could be easily controlled and paid very little.

For a young manager – like Potter or even Parker or Mason – they could use Spurs as a stepping stone to something more challenging and who would be serious title challengers (which Spurs won’t be for a long time, if ever under Levy).

What are your thoughts?

All the best, Glenn


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2 thoughts on “I share Mark Lawrenson views over a manager.

  1. I’m not too sure on this one. And if I’m perfectly honest I think that the club is still hankering on Pochettino.
    The issues we have is Levy.
    Brendon Roger’s was once touted but we ended up with AVB. At that time Brendan chose not to join us saying and I qoute – “They’d had 11 managers in 18 years there, so for someone like myself, who needed to create something, I needed to go to a club that was going to give us that opportunity.”
    After realising that AVB was shite they took on Tim Sherwood as an interim manager.
    And finally chose Boss Poch, who in his final two seasons got us against all odds to the CLF with no home or money.
    And for all his hard work he was fired.
    Levy has rumoured to have said its the biggest mistake of his career.
    So I ask If someone can openly admit to such a colossal mistake.
    Can you really trust them to run your club now.
    Daniel Levy does not have the interest of the club at heart he is a money grabber.
    He banged on about wage caps this wage and that then paid himself 3 million pounds for delivering the stadium.
    Is it any wonder he was going get some backlash from the players, Danny Rose for example with his scathing interview against the club, Danny was then frozen out from the club, Danny’s last two yrs of his contract the club tried to pay him off and I don’t blame him for saying na I’m seeing out my contract. It wasn’t much but it was a very good point. Say what you like about Danny but give it time his book is going to be a real eye opener about the behind the scenes at spurs fc.

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