Match Report: Spurs 1 (very poor) Brentford 3; terrible result for us

Match Report: Spurs 1 (very poor) Brentford 3; terrible result for us

Well, that has blown our European chances… next up will be trying to find a manager to manage our club before Levy fires him. In fact, we need a complete overhaul. Plus, a new director of football and get rid of some of our deadwood players. I suppose it would be asking too much if Levy also joins the exodus?

If lucky, we might get a Europa League spot, but more likely a Europa Conference position or nothing. A totally piss poor season… and it isn’t over yet… we’ve still got to play struggling Leeds United, who will be fighting very hard to get out of the bottom three. From their point of view, taking us on is an ideal situation. It hurts me to say this, but I can see Leeds United beating us on Sunday. All thanks to Daniel Levy’s inept handling of the football side of his multi-plex arena money-making machine.

After the game, Ryan Mason said, “The intensity dropped quite a lot in the second half. We needed to take our opportunities when they came in the first half. They really took theirs. It’s difficult to take. It’s not just one half of football, you have to do it for the full game.” However, that was the polite version… but I wonder what he was really thinking… maybe something like this…

Reporter: “Not a very good result for Tottenham… was it Ryan?”

Mason: “That is your interpretation”.

Reporter [a bit stunned]: “Excuse me?”

Mason: “Look at it this way… you say  toMAYto I say toMAHto”

Reporter [gobsmacked]

Mason [continue/ explains]: you see disaster… I see success. Let me explain…”

Reporter: “I wish you would!”

Mason [smiling]: If we didn’t end up like this, total shit, I wouldn’t have been offered the interim job… a plus for me and my future prospects… and the football side of Daniel’s empire is a very small part of his money-making machine. The club is making money hand over fist… what is the problem?”

The Reporter [flumuxed]: “erm… well… but… I don’t know what to say… you’ve got me Ryan…”

Mason [smiling]; “Think about it… football is a tool to make money for the Tottenham board, and for my personal ambitions, I’ve been foisted onto the world stage… SEND IN THE CLOWNS… send in the clowns… I’m stomping!!!!!” [he says joyously].

Mason leaves chortling to himself, leaving the viewers and reporters confused and angry…

What do you think? Or maybe not… it is all down to interpretation. Those that are for Levy and those that are against Levy… however, add the facts to the mix, and you’ve got something nearer the truth. And what are the facts? Poor season after season, one trophy in 22 years of ENIC rule, failure after failure where managers are concerned, unsatisfactory purchases, selling our best players and profit over success, to name but a few…

When we left the stadium, there weren’t many happy faces around… and not many bothered to stay for the Tottenham girls’ game… at least they/ we managed to win 4-1, even though it was from a lowly league position… which helped them escape relegation. It wasn’t a happy trip back to our homes either.

But a bit more torture to add… that is the game itself…

A double from Bryan Mbeumo helped Brentford come from behind to win and spoil our final home game of a fucking miserable season. Bastards! But we can’t blame them… it was our own doing… or putting it another way… Daniel Levy’s doing… after all, the buck stops with him. At least it doesn’t make him any poorer…

… yes, Mbeumo struck two goals into the far corner early in the second half before team-mate Yoane Wissa capped things off, as Brentford overturned our positive first-half lead, which had come via Harry Kane. Yes, Kane was delighted that he scored another goal… the only thing he has to crow about… not playing for this humpty-dumpty shit-poor team.

It had been a moment of magic from Kane, whose future at Spurs remains questionable when he curled the ball exquisitely into the top corner from a free-kick.

That goal galvanised our players, playing confidently, creating numerous chances they should have taken advantage of.


Our lack of ruthlessness was punished, though; Brentford responded immediately in the second half. Mbeumo took his chances, firing past goalkeeper Fraser Forster twice in 12 minutes. Any chance of a late equaliser evaporated when substitute Shandon Baptise robbed Oliver Skipp of possession, and Mbeumo teed up Wissa for a comfortable finish.

This was another Spursy performance which summed up our season – moments of promise before a humiliating result.

European football?

Our extremely slim hope of European qualification is fading rapidly, while Brentford know they will finish a successful season inside the Premier League’s top 10.


Will Kane stay or go? If he has any sense, he should go… I can’t see anybody wanting to work or remain under Levy. A great businessman but sadly lacks any knowledge of football or ability.

It was his 300th start in the Premier League, but how many more will be added to that tally remains unknown.

He was a bright spark in the early stages alongside Son, who himself had several chances to score in the first half.

The last game of the season (Leeds Utd) and other important matches for us…

Brighton still has a game against League Champions City (Wednesday). After that:

Aston Villa v Brighton & Hove Albion

Brentford v Manchester City

Leeds United v Tottenham Hotspur

[All matches will be played on Sunday, at 4.30 pm]

The League table looks like this (where it concerns us)…

7th Aston Villa 58 pts

8th Tottenham 57 pts

9th Brentford 56 pts

If Brentford should beat City and we lose, they will go above us, and we will finish in 9th place without European football.

However, if we win and Villa lose, then we will finish in 7th place. So we could make the Europa League or the Europa Conference shit league. It is all down to the last game.

The next manager…

Would any top manager want to come to Spurs and work under Levy with no European football? God help us!

It is now a waiting game…



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