The fifth classic game I’ve been to: Spurs 5 Arsenal 0 Monday, April 4th, 1983

My latest blog is on our Arsenal game, at White Hart Lane on the 4th April 1983, it was our centenary year. What was so special about that match was that we thrashed Arsenal 5-0. Keith Burkinshaw was our manager then. It was a brilliant day and probably one of our most significant victories over the Woolwich Arsenal (one of many). Best regards, Glenn. Courtesy of Thanks


The fifth classic game I’ve been to: Spurs 5 Arsenal 0 Monday, April 4th, 1983

This match I will never forget.

The match was on Monday (a bank holiday) of Tottenham’s Centenary year (1882/83). But on the Friday before this match I wrote something in my works diary, when I went to next look at it, on the Tuesday I was shocked to see what I had written (more on that later).

Kick-off was at 3 pm

In 1983 I was married with one child (Martin), two step-children, and the following year my daughter Hayley was born. If I remember rightly, I was working for Micro consultants/ Quantel, which was only around the corner from where I lived. I had taken my wife and my two step-children to matches, but on this occasion, it was just me, myself and I (the three of us were good company). If I also remember rightly, I didn’t have a car then, so I must have travelled to London from Newbury, by train. Once at the ground, I found my friends, and we went to the pub. Once we left the pub, I usually went around to the Programme sellers/ stools and chatted to them, as I got to know them quite well. Nowadays, only one is still there, Martin, who sells opposite the pub near the ground. Anyway, finally, we made our way to the turnstiles, usually about an hour and a half before kick-off and queued.Like always, the day started off reading the papers. One of the newspapers carried a story that Spurs were going to fined Tony Galvin for being sent off against Brighton. This was because we looked like we were going to win, he was sent off, and we lost 2-1. This was on Friday. Keith Burkinshaw had remarked after the match, “We were in the driving seat with 11 against 10. Then you get a stupid, immature fellow like Tony Galvin getting himself sent off as well. Immediately Brighton go and score twice. I’m not saying it was his fault that they got two goals, but it must have helped us to have had 11 against 10.” He was pissed. But Buyrkinshaw did add that he thought the referee had been a little harsh in sending Gavlin off when put alongside the very crude tackle by Ramsey on Falco. But we lost.

Over 43,000 packed into White Hart Lane for our game against Arsenal; 43,642 spectators, were, in fact, our highest home gate of the season. Inescapably there was trouble before the game when both sets of fans began fighting on the Edmonton end of the Shelf. Some of the crowd spilt over on to the grass as the police began escorting Arsenal fans to the Park Lane terraces, but the trouble was under control before the teams came out. There was quite a few bloody faces and injured supporters, who had to be attended to by the ambulance staff.


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The fifth classic game I’ve been to: Spurs 5 Arsenal 0 Monday, April 4th, 1983