The match that was postponed: Spurs v Manchester United 15 March 2020

The match that was postponed: Spurs v Manchester United 15 March 2020

Did you go to that match? No? Nor did I. Reason being it was cancelled, it took three months to get that match back on because of all that COVID-19 floating around (and it is still around, but in small doses… according to the government). Doesn’t COVID-19 sound like a funny right-wing extremist novelty-group?  But then again, I  suppose they both want to achieve the same outcome (wide spread disruption). Anyway, back to normality, we are not here for political discussion, but Tottenham programmes… oh, didn’t I mention that? Sorry. Yes, with all the rescheduling going on Tottenham have also issued programmes to go along with those replayed matches. I’ve got mine (and ordered the rest; Arsenal, Everton and Leicester City).

But the postponed match also had copies printed of that game. So in the wisdom of Tottenham Hotspur Football club they released that postponed match programme and I’ve ordered mine (being a Spurs programme collector). If you haven’t got one and want a copy, then go to the Spurs web, and I am sure they will accommodate you. But be quick, postponed matches are worth more than the actual played games.

In my collection, I have many postponed games. I remember going up to Spurs in the late 80s, and the first game of the Season was against Coventry City. I travelled all the way from my home in Berkshire, only to find that the match had been cancelled (the new part of the stadium still wasn’t ready or whatever work they were doing, but failed to complete). Luckily for me, the programmes for the Coventry match were still on sale, so I purchased 3 copies. So the trip wasn’t a complete washout (I just surprised the wife by coming home early).

But going back to the postponed United game. Tottenham have also put 25 copies up for auction (all signed by Jose Mourinho). If you are interested, they are on eBay.

The eBay comments for the auction:

“A special item of memorabilia from ‘a match that never was’ to help us raise vital funds for Noah’s Ark

For those of you looking for an extra special item of memorabilia from this historic time, this is a copy of the matchday programme that was due to be on sale at the originally scheduled Manchester United fixture on Sunday 15 March 2020 – postponed due to the pandemic. Jose Mourinho will sign and personalise the copy and all proceeds will aid our Official Charity Partner, Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice.

All proceeds from the winning bidder will be donated to Noah’s Ark battle to recover from the financial toll that the pandemic has taken as they continue their vital work to care for children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions across North London.”

So, if you are interested I shall put the link up for you; more details can be found on Tottenham Hotspur home page.

Click here for eBay auction.

So happy hunting… and if you are not bothered… just continue supporting the club and hope we get a victory over Sheffield United, away.