My blogging travels to nowhere other than watch Spurs beat the Spammers 2-1

We’ve finally got our first win since February in the league, and after the draw against United, I hope the Spammers game was our launching pad. Over forty years since I last missed a home game and now I have been forced to watch on the box – as you all have. In my piece of the match, I go through the exciting moments to the build-up (try to stay awake the end, that is us beating the Bubble blowers). Best regards, Glenn. Thank you.

Extracts from my blog…

We are back with a win: Spurs 2 West Ham United 0

The first half I thought was weak, and probably drove many to sleep, but the second half came alive. Now we move on to Sheffield United, another must-win game.

After a disappointing draw against Man United, we picked up our first victory in eight games to leave the Spammers with a battle to stay in the Premier League. Let us dwell on them for a moment… what separates them from the bottom three is goal difference, and they’ve played one extra game. So I can see them dropping down a notch or three. Fingers crossed!

But the day didn’t start with me propped up in my computer room waiting for the match to start… oh, no! I do have a life – granted, not much under lock-down bunker mentality rules – but of sorts, yes, I do have a life. And tomorrow (Thursday) is social gathering day for me… yes, a trip to Sainsbury’s. God! I don’t know how I will manage with all that excitement in one bite. Sainsbury’s, ah, who would have thought that the highlight of the week (apart from watching the cockerel chorus) was a trip out to do ones shopping. If I would have said that a year ago they would have locked me up… in fact, I am looking over my shoulder at this very moment… oh… I see a white van with men in white coats getting out… Oh, shit… they are coming for me…  No, I am ok, at least for the time being… I think that was a portent.

So, my day started when I woke up… always a good start… it tells one that they are still alive. Of course, not waking up… well, the shock could kill you. So, woke up, I did. But with a splitting headache. Then the usual routine of watching breakfast TV, reading, cycling, reading, taking the dog for a walk, cycling again, reading and into my computer room to do a bit of work. I bet you lot are envious? It was either that or suicide!

Still with my headache, I got something to eat, had a kip and then prepared myself for the game… actually used my second free voucher from Spurs to be able to watch the game on NowTV.

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