Don Scully’s Blog: Big Brother is watching: the Sun might not shine on our stadium.

Hi all, Don Scully has written another article for the blog, this time it is on a report that was in the Sun Newspaper (yes, I know) that we aren’t going to be allowed to sing and it will be more like Big Brother watching over us than a football fanfare. Agree, disagree, but his humorous trip will take you on a rollercoaster of COVID-19 – possibly – things to come. Click on the link below for more. Best Regards, Glenn. Thank you.

Extracts from Don Scully’s Blog,

Big Brother is watching: the Sun might not shine on our stadium.

According to the Sun newspaper, fans, that is us, may not be allowed to sing when we return to the stadium. How they will manage this I don’t know… maybe snipers on the roof or Stazi like Police observing and then dragging us out if we are observed mouthing popular Tottenham songs. Such as:

Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspur, Spurs are on their way to Wembley, Ossie’s dream and many others.

Oh, I feel I’ve sinned just writing songs titles; are all eyes on me now?… Is Big Brother now going to beat seven bells of shit out of me?

As we all know – or should know – we Spurs fans should be able to enter our stadium (and not just Spurs fans either) from October, but may not be allowed to be vocal during the game in case we spread that wicked disease and kill everybody around us. If that was possible maybe we could plant a few Spurs, supporters amongst Chelsea, Arsenal and the Spammers fans and before you know it, hey presto, no rivalry (ok, only joking… Brother Levy is watching).

Our final part of the season was played behind shutters that were so tight that even a mouse couldn’t get in, and if they did, they feared to tread. Unless one was Daniel Levy and a few privileged and honoured buddies. Which wasn’t the hard-working and loyal football fan like us (money talks). Anyway, all done in the best possible taste, and to ensure the campaign could be completed.

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