Blog by Don Scully: Daniel Levy defends himself in the new documentary on Spurs.

Hi all, Don Scully is back with us again, this time to write an article on comments made by Daniel Levy in the documentary “All or Nothing”. He also looks at what Daniel Levy has achieved at the club, what the new stadium has achieved (as a separate entity) and speculates on the future possibilities. Is Daniel Levy a changed man since Mourinho has come to the club or is a Wolve in Sheep’s clothing? To read more click on the link to my blog (below) and all will be revealed. Best Regards, Glenn. Thank you.

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Daniel Levy defends himself in the new documentary on Spurs.

In the Evening Standard Dan Kilpatrick, their sports reporter, has stated that the much-criticised (by the fans) Daniel Levy defends his record at the club.

To the Tottenham fans, he is a marmite figure. Some think he can do no wrong, others believe he is part of Tottenham’s failure to win trophies.

In the documentary, Levy said: “I think the perception of me is that I’m hard-nosed, stubborn, don’t care and [am] not ambitious. I think a lot of that isn’t fair. I certainly think I’m incredibly ambitious to improve the team. They just don’t understand how hard it is to get to that place. I’ve run a lot of businesses. Running a football club is the hardest business I’ve ever run.”

The top side of his record is that he has turned our old stadium from a pumpkin to a glittering coach (where it rains money)—full credit to him for that. However, on the playing field, he has been very tight-arsed with the club’s cash. Since taking over at the club we’ve only won one trophy, and that is the inconsequential-second rate-League Cup. While the other top clubs have raced ahead, we’ve taken two steps forward and four backwards.  Managers have come and gone faster than diarrhoea leaving the system.

Where clubs have managed to get the best players, we look for bargains,out-of-contract or surplus to requirement players, and we usually wait to the very last minute of the transfer window to purchase.

Levy made a statement a few years ago where he said that the current financial situation was not” sustainable” (buying over-priced players); that is fine if all the other clubs agree and act together. Sadly, only Levy has taken his words to heart. At one time we were well ahead of Chelsea, United and Liverpool, now we are behind those teams in sixth place.

Yes, he does work hard, but where the team is concerned, nothing (no trophies). Engaging ones brain for the greater good and penny-pinching and working hard is no good if you’ve got nothing to show for it other than the low-ranking League Cup (a competition that the top clubs usually send their youngster out to perform in)…


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