Our games against Villa (13th) in doubt

Our games against Villa (13th) in doubt.

Aston Villa has experienced a “significant” outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. This could affect their third-round FA Cup tie against Liverpool. Also in doubt is the game following that match, which is against us on January 13th (Wednesday).

Villa has said that many first-team players and staff are in isolation after returning positive tests on Monday. The club’s training ground was closed on Thursday after a second round of testing produced more positive results.

From our perspective, the only match relevant here is our game against them at Vill Park. The last thing we want is to have another game postponed because of the virus (Fulham was also delayed).

Villa are currently 8th in the league, three points behind us, however, they have a game in hand over us. Villa famously beat the league leaders 7-2 at Villa Park (ironically enough, that same weekend we thrashed United 6-1 away). So this game on Saturday – in the third round of the FA cup – was eagerly waited for by both sets of fans. One group of fans wanted revenge, while the other wanted confirmation of their superiority over the other.


With the virus going out of control and claiming even more victims (than it did on its first outbreak) I wouldn’t be surprised if Aston Villa isn’t the last team to go under. That is why our Cup final game against Manchester City was pushed back to April 25th. Even that far back gives us no guarantees that we (the fans) will be there to watch our triumph!

Shit happens, but why now, when there are so many possibilities (trophy wise) that is open to us.

Covid 19 vaccine: the club offers the stadium – again – for the roll-out of the COVID-19 jab.

All the best, Glenn

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