Blog by Don Scully: Should Levy sack Mourinho and we go back to the Tottenham way of playing?

Hi all, Don Scully has written a tongue-in-cheek article on whether we should go back to the Tottenham way of playing or keep faith in Mourinho’s style of play? The Tottenham way with all those trophies we have won in the past or the potential we could win with Mourinho at the helm? What do you think?

Extracts from Don Scully’s blog:

“The Tottenham way” or style of playing.

Fans scream that Mourinho isn’t playing “the Tottenham way.” That Tottenham way, which has brought us an abundance of trophies in the last 39 years. In fact, we can go back to the beginning (1882) and look at all those beautiful trophies that “the Tottenham way” has bought us, hundreds of league titles, even more FA and league cups, and as for European trophies, my god! We’ve been swamped under. I bet United, City, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool are all jealous of our Tottenham way of playing and all those trophies that we’ve won.

You are probably thinking, what fucking trophy haul? I’ve looked through Tottenham records and ain’t seen anything as near the trophies you’ve mentioned… exactly!  But I am presuming many fans are quite content with the little we have won, so long as we play “the Tottenham way” and at least finish between 4th and 6th?

Two fucking league titles in 139 years of history. Even with the FA Cup, we are behind Arsenal & United. Granted, we are in third position, along with Chelsea (both on eight FA Cups), but there are quite a few teams below us who are in striking distance. It won’t be long before those others catch up and take over, unless we stop the rot.

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